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Mobile Access Control that's
simple to set up and easy to use.
With or without WiFi or an App

AirAllow access automation saves time, lowers costs, and can be managed from anywhere using your phone for entry all without the need for WiFi.

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What would you like to do with your access control system?

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Are you ready to
unlock convenience
with your smartphone?

Using a phone for mobile access control streamlines the experience of accessing secured areas for users significantly, thanks to several convenience factors:

Remote Control and Surveillance
Administrators have the ability to manage, monitor, and respond from any location, including remote door unlocking and access rule adjustments.

Contactless Operation
Enables contactless entry, allowing users to open doors with a wave of their hand or upon approach.

Virtual Credentials - No More Lost Cards
Users can receive credentials remotely via electronic invitation without the need to pick up a keycard or fob. 

 Immediate Revocation or Issuance
If a user's access needs to be revoked or requires access to additional areas, changes are immediately updated with the new permissions in real-time. 

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No Wifi - No problem!

Non-Wi-Fi access control systems are simpler and more cost-effective to install and maintain and can be more scalable for small-scale operations without the complexity of network configurations.

Without a Wi-Fi connection, access control systems are not subject to downtime due to network issues. This makes them more reliable, especially in areas where Wi-Fi signals may be weak or unstable.

Systems that do not need Wi-Fi are often simpler to install and maintain since they don't require complex network configurations or ongoing network management.

You can save on costs related to network equipment, such as routers, and ongoing expenses for internet service. Additionally, the maintenance costs may be lower due to the system's simplicity.

For small-scale operations or single-entry points,
non-Wi-Fi systems can be more scalable and cost-effective, as there is no need for a networked system, which might be overkill for such applications.

Want to save time and improve the user experience with automated access?

The AirAllow mobile access control system provides a variety of automated features that  enhance security and convenience

Automatic Locking and Unlocking
Schedules can be set to automatically lock or unlock doors at specific times, reducing the need for manual entry and enhancing security after hours.

Remote Access Granting
Issue or revoke credentials remotely, allowing for immediate response to security threats or changes in personnel status.

Unattended User Entry
The ability to grant or revoke access permissions automatically based on predefined criteria, such as time of day, user role, or location.

Automatic Unlock upon Arrival
Maintain the doors in a locked state until an authorized "First Person In" arrives, triggering the automated lock-unlock schedule to commence

No Batteries To Change
Frequently replacing batteries in locks can be tedious and inconvenient, especially for locks that are difficult to reach or require specialized batteries.


Have reliable WiFi?
ake advantage of time-saving remote features.

Implementing WiFi with the AirAllow WiFi Cloud Connector enables more remote automated features.

Immediate Remote Lock & Unlock
Immediately unlock or lock from anywhere without the presence of someone using the AirAllow phone app.

App-Less Visitor Access
Allow users, contractors, guests, and visitors to gain access without having to download an App. Control when and how many times the app-less web link is valid. 

Immediate Standalone Updates 
Changes in standalone automation such as unlock schedules and keypad code entries are updated immediately without having to download from a phone. 

Monitoring the Audit Trail in Real-time
Actively review and analyze all access-related activities in realtime from anywhere.

 Multiple Communications Channels
Enhance system dependability by employing multiple communication channels—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks—ensuring continued operation and reliability even if one channel experiences downtime. 

Alerts and Notifications
Real-time alerts for unusual activities, such as attempted unauthorized access or doors left open, can be sent directly to a mobile device.

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Can professionally installed commercial access be affordable?

Yes, especially with the advent of innovative solutions like our SGS compact controller that simplify installation, reduce labor costs, and offer easy integration with existing hardware, ultimately lowering the overall cost of commercial access systems.

Installation is a Breeze
AirAllow's versatile SGS controller, with its compact design, can be installed effortlessly nearly anywhere due to its straightforward four-wire connection. Whether it's mounted within or above a door frame, placed in a single gang box, or embedded within an electric push bar, installation is a breeze.

Universal - Works with Standard Locking Hardware
AirAllow is designed to be compatible with a wide range of commonly used locks and security mechanisms found in commercial settings.

Replace Antiquated or Costly Access Systems
AirAllow integrates with existing door hardware without the need for specialized or proprietary equipment. It allows for a more seamless and cost-effective upgrade or installation process, as there is no requirement to replace current locking mechanisms.

Your Style - Your Way
This interoperability also ensures that users can choose from a variety of hardware options to meet their specific security needs and aesthetic preferences.

Reliable Locking
Residential locking mechanisms that fail or are easily compromised can leave facilities vulnerable to unauthorized access, causing concern for the safety and security of the inhabitants.


Compact ☼ Universal


Want convenience, simplicity, and reliability in your commercial mobile access system?

Recognized by the Locksmiths of America as
Access Product of the Year

"The easiest to use commercial access product on the market"

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