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When convenience, ease-of-use, and reliability matter, the smart choice is
AirAllow Commercial Access Control.

Join other happy customers!


Love the convenience of hands-free access. Granting access to temporary staff is a breeze.

Drs. Office Staff

Leave-Return is so convenient for a quick trip. 

Office Manager

Saved a number of trips by scheduling unattended vendor access from home.

Retail Owner

It is so easy to use. The system unlocks according to my unique schedule.

Tenant Manager

Lockdown gives us peace of mind... Controlling guardian access was so easy and automated.

Daycare Director

Simple. Smart. Convenient.

AirAllow is an easy-to-use access control service that is managed from anywhere. Using your phone, ID card, or keypad, AirAllow is flexible enough to meet your unique needs. Smart, this service maintains itself and powerful capabilities set up in minutes.  Built by veteran access security experts, AirAllow is reliable, secure, and scalable. Join organizations of all sizes that enjoy the simplicity and convenience of AirAllow.

Intuitive with nothing to learn is easy to use from anywhere.
Feature-rich, has the flexibility to meet your unique needs.
Secured with commercial hardware, installed by professionals. 
Bank-level encryption protects stored and in-transit data.
Our "Access Point Architecture" delivers a cost-effective, reliable, and secure solution.

Free and paid subscriptions to meet you budgetary needs. 
Best in class uptime and factory direct
customer care deliver unparalleled service.
Tri-path Bluetooth, Cell, & WIFI communications delivers reliable performance.

Access Product of the Year

2018 - Locksmith Ledger

"The easiest to use commercial access product on the market"


AirAllow Access Control

Recognized by the Locksmiths of America as Access Product of the Year
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OF YEAR 2018

Simple yet Powerful

AirAllow commercial access control delivers a set of

powerful features that are easy to set up, secure your facility, and saves you time. 


  • Manage, monitor, & act from anywhere, app or browser

  • Remotely lock or unlock

  • Temporary and scheduled access

  • Return-Leave makes securing the office a breeze

  • Instantly disable or add a user.

  • Instantly change policies


  • Powerful - best in class features

  • No network required

  • Optional WIFI when desired

  • Lockdown and evacuate actions

  • Emergency response features

  • Activity audit trail in the cloud

  • Review, report, and export events

  • Innovation makes it affordable.


  • Easy-to-use

  • Nothing to maintain

  • No batteries to change

  • One-click app-less unlock

  • Download the app and go

  • Hands-free, touchless

  • Phone, keypad, card, or fob


Feature-rich to meet your unique needs. 

Click here for an overview of all the features.

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Secure your facility today!

With an easy-to-use, convenient & affordable commercial access service.  

Please provide some contact information and a few details about your security challenges. Our team looks forward to providing you a reliable, easy-to-use, and convenient access control solution. 

Thank you for contacting us!

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