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Our Mission

Founded in 1990, AirAllow's mission is to provide frictionless security solutions for the modern world.
People use AirAllow simply because we are the most affordable and secure platform on the market.

Simplicity is Key

AirAllow has been providing award winning security products since 1990 including Security Magazines New Product of the Year, a Government Security News Award, Security Products Government Security Awards, and ALOA NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for 2018.
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Second to None

Our solution is a complete system to simplify the work of the installer; our device is paired with a mobile phone enclave app that is as easy as 1-2-3 to begin using.

How We Help You

With our configurable mobile access control platform we can provide you with high margins and protected recurring revenues. Our mobile Enclave app can meet and match the needs of the user. The AirAllow devices are able to be configured into any setup with an electronic lock. Our product will transform your business and your customers lives!
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AirAllow is a company that disrupts the security market with the “Frictionless Security Solutions” that are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. This innovative approach to access control utilizes the mobile phone and low-cost reliable reader/controller hardware to provide scalable physical security, all without networking or costly installation requirements.

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