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Mobile Access Control that's
simple to set up and easy to use.
With or without WiFi or an App

AirAllow access automation saves time, lowers costs, and can be managed from anywhere using your phone for entry all without the need for WiFi.

Easy to Use for Everyone
The AirAllow system boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that enables effortless navigation and control for a seamless user experience.

Powerful yet Simple - Feature Rich
Packed with a wide array of customizable and automated features, the AirAllow system delivers an adaptable and cutting-edge user experience that remains simple to use, ensuring it is both powerful and accessible.

One-Click Actions
AirAllow's One-Click Actions simplify complex tasks into single-click operations, delivering a hassle-free and efficient experience for users seeking quick and effective functionality.

Remotely Monitor, Manage, and Act from Anywhere
With AirAllow, you can remotely manage your settings and preferences from anywhere in the world, providing the ultimate convenience and control at your fingertips.

Reliable - Google Cloud
Leveraging the dependable infrastructure of Google Cloud, AirAllow offers unwavering reliability for managing your systems with confidence.

AirAllow Remote Pro
Intuitive and user-friendly with comprehensive features.


The Remote Pro Software boasts a user-centric design that guarantees ease of use for all, enabling full access to its features without requiring technical expertise.

Serverless Global Scalability
AirAllow's serverless global scalability offers an automatically adjusting infrastructure that effortlessly manages increased loads worldwide without the need for server management.

Disaster Recover - Backups
Utilizing Google Cloud for disaster recovery ensures data resilience, with backups strategically stored across its secure, globally distributed infrastructure to swiftly restore services.

Secure from Login to Unlock
Leveraging Google's GCP infrastructure, AirAllow is designed with layered security, providing robust protection that includes advanced encryption, secure data centers, and strict compliance measures to safeguard all stored data and applications.

 Multiple Communications Channels
AirAllow employs multiple communication channels—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks—ensuring continued operation and reliability even if one channel experiences downtime. 

AirAllow Cloud Platform

The AirAllow cloud platform boasts impressive uptime and stability, leveraging the robust infrastructure of Google Cloud to ensure seamless access control services.


Immediate Remote Lock & Unlock
Immediately unlock or lock from anywhere without the presence of someone using the AirAllow phone app.

App-Less Visitor Access
Allow users, contractors, guests, and visitors to gain access without having to download an App. Control when and how many times the app-less web link is valid. 

Immediate Standalone Updates 
Changes in standalone automation such as unlock schedules and keypad code entries are updated immediately without having to download from a phone. 

Monitoring the Audit Trail in Real-time
Actively review and analyze all access-related activities in realtime from anywhere.

 Multiple Communications Channels
Enhance system dependability by employing multiple communication channels—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks—ensuring continued operation and reliability even if one channel experiences downtime. 

Alerts and Notifications
Real-time alerts for unusual activities, such as attempted unauthorized access or doors left open, can be sent directly to a mobile device.

AirAllow WiFi
Cloud Connector

Integrating the AirAllow WiFi Cloud Connector with your system allows for enhanced remote automation capabilities, ensuring instant communication with the SGS door controller and enabling App-Less invitations. 

Cloud Connector Icon 1280 x 720.png

Installation is a Breeze
Upgrade outdated or Expensive Access Solutions

Our SGS controller is easily installed with a four-wire connection and features low power requirements, universal inputs, and a 1 amp relay.

Your Style - Your Way
Universal  - Works with Common Locking Hardware
AirAllow's system is designed to upgrade or install seamlessly with existing door locks and security mechanisms, avoiding the need for specialized equipment and reducing costs.

Reliable Locking
Residential locking mechanisms that fail or are easily compromised can leave facilities vulnerable to unauthorized access, causing concern for the safety and security of the inhabitants.

AirAllow SGS
Compact  Universal Controller

The SGS controller simplifies installation, reduces labor costs, and offers easy integration with existing hardware, ultimately lowering the overall cost of commercial access systems.

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