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Convenient, remotely manage from anywhere
Powerful yet easy to use, sets up in minutes
Ideal for organizations with a few doors
Award-Winning, Access Product of the Year

Cloud-based Access Control

Access Control Platform
Industrial Building

Looking to control access to your facility with a convenient, easy to use, and affordable solution?

AirAllow’s Cloud-based Access Control Platform has what you are looking for.

Access Control Platform

AirAllow’s Cloud-based Access Control Platform is powerful yet easy to use from anywhere on any device. Whether using the simplistic Virtual Keypad System or fully featured Remote Professional subscription, AirAllow has the features you need at an affordable price. Save time with remote unlock, door automation, user invitations, temporary/visitor access, app-less unlock links, and support for a variety of virtual and physical credentials. The system can operate standalone with or without networking.
Commercial hardware for all door styles
Manage from anywhere, on any device
Your phone is your virtual access card
Cards &
Award Winning architecture saves time and money
Mobile Phone


Simply smart security
Simple to operate from anywhere
Smart scheduling to meet your needs
Secured using standardized commercial hardware
Safes time and money
Remote Pro Subscription
Industrial Building

Want to remotely manage, monitor, and take action while away from the facility?

With AirAllow Remote Pro Subscription you can control all aspects of your organization's access control needs from the convenience of your phone or web-browser.

Remote Pro Subscription

The AirAllow Remote Pro Subscription (Pro) is a convenient, easy to use solution where advanced access capabilities are desired. With the AirAllow Pro, administrators can manage, monitor and take action from anywhere on any device. Remotely unlock a door, change access policies, immediately disable a user, schedule a visitor, automatically email access invitations, restrict access to a schedule, lockdown in an emergency… all from the convenience of your phone or web-browser.


Pro supports a variety of virtual authentication methods such as clicking a virtual button or a web-link on your phone. Ideal for mixed mode environments where some users may not have a
smart-phone, Pro supports traditional physical credentials such as access cards and fobs.

Learning to read

Easy to use 
Professional Features

Laptop and Phone


Remotely Unlock or grant access
Change site, door and user security policies
Lockdown or evacuate in an emergency
Grant temporary access to visitors
Monitor live and review past activities
Add, remove, or disable users instantly
Use a mix of virtual and physical credentials
Automatically email access invitations
Virtual Keypad
Industrial Building

Looking for basic access control that is easy to administer from anywhere?

With the AirAllow VKS, access is granted by entering a PIN on your phone’s keypad and is administered from the convenience of your phone or web-browser from anywhere.

VKS - Virtual Keypad

The AirAllow VKS is a convenient, easy to use solution where basic access is desired. Easily control entry using a PIN/Passcode or schedule automate door unlocks. Users simply key a valid PIN into their mobile phone’s virtual keypad to unlock the door.


Administering PINs can be performed from anywhere using the AirAllow Enclave App or the AirAllow Admin Portal. Additionally, with the VKS you can schedule a door to automatically open according to your unique needs.

Laptop and Phone
Customer Care
Industrial Building

Is your access control system hard to use? Are you having a hard time getting a hold of support when needed?

AirAllow is easy-to-use and provides superior factory direct customer care the way you want it!

Customer Care

With AirAllow there is no extensive training or complicated administration required. We deliver frictionless access control, which starts with an easy-to-use intuitive solution that can be remotely managed, monitored, and acted upon from anywhere. When help is required, our customer care team is available via phone, chat and email. Or if preferred, get an answer from our online knowledge base or view one of our online training videos.

Laptop and Phone
WiFi Cloud Conector
Industrial Building

Wish to remotely unlock or grant visitor access without requiring a
user to download an app?

Then the AirAllow WiFi Cloud Connector is what you are looking for.

WiFi Cloud Connector

The AirAllow Cloud Connector adds WiFi connectivity to your access network. Remotely unlock, invite visitors, control tenant and staff access from anywhere. Now users no longer need to download an app, they simply click and go with app-less unlock. Multiple network pathways improves reliability and responsiveness to policy changes and remote actions such as unlock.

Laptop and Phone
Admin Portal
Industrial Building

Have access to a web browser?

Then you can manage, monitor and act on the AirAllow access control system from anywhere via your web browser.

Admin Portal

Easy to Operate
Audit Trail
Safe Cloud Storage
Using a Web Browser

The AirAllow Admin Portal provides physical access management, monitoring, and remote actions from anywhere using a modern browser. It’s convenient and easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle today's access challenges. Control everything from anywhere via the admin portal: manage one or more locations, view and filter specific events in the audit trail, disable a user instantly, import a large user base, change schedules, send invitations.


Easy to use
Simple to operate from anywhere
Powerful features
Role based
Audit trail
AirAllow Any Device@0.5x.png
SGS BLE Controller
Industrial Building

Need an affordable, easy-to-install access control system ?

Award-winning AirAllow SGS BLE Controller is an easy to use “out of the box” system with advanced security features and does not require a network. 

SGS BLE Controller

Award Winning
Bluetooth Based

The AirAllow SGS BLE Controller operates in standalone and networked modes. It works with

standard commercial hardware including traditional cards and fobs as well as with your phone’s

bluetooth. The standalone feature enables you to control access without a WiFi network.

Image by Mia Baker


Standalone no network
Remotely managed

Access Product of the Year

2018 - Locksmith Ledger

"The easiest to use commercial access product on the market"


AirAllow SGS BLE Controller

​​"Easy-to-install access control for doors with a simple controller/reader and a smartphone as credential."
Gold leaf award.png



OF YEAR 2018

Industrial Building
Are you thinking on having an Access Control system that solves your business doors' security issues in an easy and affordable way?
Download the AirAllow SGS BLE Controller package info now.  
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We've got your doors covered.

Rely on the Access Control security expert and focus on the growth of your business.  

Move your company forward and get Award-Winning AirAllow mobile phone based security system.

Easy to install and maintain – no network  equipment, no batteries to replace

Manage and unlock from anywhere

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