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WiFi Cloud Connector

Have reliable WiFi?
Want advanced features? 


Immediate Remote Lock & Unlock
Immediately unlock or lock from anywhere without the presence of someone using the AirAllow phone app.

App-Less Visitor Access
Allow users, contractors, guests, and visitors to gain access without having to download an App. Control when and how many times the app-less web link is valid. 

Immediate Standalone Updates 
Changes in standalone automation such as unlock schedules and keypad code entries are updated immediately without having to download from a phone. 

Monitoring the Audit Trail in Real-time
Actively review and analyze all access-related activities in realtime from anywhere.

 Multiple Communications Channels
Enhance system dependability by employing multiple communication channels—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks—ensuring continued operation and reliability even if one channel experiences downtime. 

Alerts and Notifications
Real-time alerts for unusual activities, such as attempted unauthorized access or doors left open, can be sent directly to a mobile device.

AirAllow WiFi
Cloud Connector

Integrating the AirAllow WiFi Cloud Connector with your system allows for enhanced remote automation capabilities, ensuring instant communication with the SGS door controller and enabling App-Less invitations. 

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