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Places of Worship

Improve security by controlling access to their facilities and employing emergency response tools.

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In today's world, congregations are looking to improve security by controlling access to their facilities and employing emergency response tools. For many organizations, administration is performed by part-time or volunteer staff, so it needs to be easy to learn, use and maintain. AirAllow is that solution. Designed with places of worship in mind, features such as remote management, mixed credentials, first-in, and lockdown help secure facilities with a convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable solution.

Remotely buzz-in, or schedule member access using a mix of phone, web-link, card, and keypad credentials.
Automate door openings according to a schedule even block until a congregation leader arrives.
Respond in an emergency with lockdown and evacuation actions.
Manage, monitor and act from anywhere on any device.
Capture and report on access activity stored securely in the cloud.

At a macro level, anti-semetic attacks on religious soft targets and instability caused by domestic polarization has organizations prioritizing facility security. Some organizations are placing armed members in the attendees. From a liability perspective, doing nothing could be viewed as being negligent if something were to happen.

The congregation members wish to improve security but typically have limited resources and are mostly staffed by volunteers. The ideal solution would be safe, affordable, and easy to use.
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Designed by “place of worship” security / technology administrators.

The feature rich AirAllow access system has the capabilities to meet these needs perfectly. From an affordability perspective, the price per door for a commercial installation is one of the lowest in the market. Places of worship benefit from a host of core and specialized features.


So easy to use and remote unlock saves me from traveling to the temple.

First-in Block and Lock reduces the chance of someone accidentally setting off the alarm.

Being able to issue a few cards for those that do not have a smartphone was icing on the cake.”

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Rely on the Access Control security expert and focus on the growth of your business. 

AirAllow's Solutions for small organizations
Image by Jan Romero
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