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Secure access to facilities and provide the ability to respond in the event of an incident.

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In today's world controlling access to town facilities has become of increased importance. AirAllow simplifies access control with a secure, easy-to-use, and affordable commercial solution. Designed with municipalities in mind, streamline operations with features such as remote management, one-click visitor access, robust scheduling, lockdown, buzz-in, leave/return, and mixed credentials.

Easily administer one or more locations from anywhere on any device.
Provide contractor access to a date/time range and usage count with a few clicks.
Mix virtual and physical keypad passcodes for emergency access.
Monitor and report on site activities in real-time with a cloud stored audit trail.

County and small town governments are seeing an increase in violent riots and police are under attack in recent times. Unfortunately schools are a common target, with many county facilities serving as school and multi-purpose community centers. The ability to secure access to facilities and provide the ability to respond in the event of an incident are top of mind.Many governments rely on volunteer administration who are looking to secure a few exterior doors of a facility with an easy to use and cost effective solution.


Their access control needs are primarily a desire to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the facility, provide scheduled access to staff and contractors, open doors during a scheduled period, and not spend a lot of time managing it. Today's work-from-anywhere society demands solutions that can be managed from anywhere.

Many towns have multiple physically diverse locations that need access control and administrators wish to manage a common set of users across those locations. Towns need the ability to delegate management to on-site local administrators for their local needs.

A strong trend in security solutions is those that are easy to administer by novices, can be managed from anywhere, and use a phone for authorized access.

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The feature rich AirAllow access system has the capabilities to meet the needs of town and local governments of any size. Our point of access architecture makes it affordable to organizations of all sizes. Facility administrators benefit from a host of core and specialized features.


This is so easy to use…”

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Rely on the Access Control security expert and focus on the growth of your business. 

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