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Join other happy customers!

So easy to use and remote unlock saves me from traveling to the facility."

Our membership has grown by offering discounted off-peak and premium 24/7 access with AirAllow's easy-to-use and flexible scheduling."

Being able to issue a few cards for those that do not have a smartphone was icing on the cake.”


24/7 Secure Access

Provide a 24/7 secure facility with award-winning access control with lock-behind automation.


Hassle-Free Automation

No-hassle access control - let the system control who enters when.

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Anywhere Convenience

Access and administration from anywhere with the convenience of your phone or web browser. 

With AirAllow, facility and equipment access schedules are easily assigned from anywhere and automatically controlled. No need to monitor entry!



Variable Membership Levels for a Broader Member Pool


Corporate Events,  Membership Drives


Premium Peak Pricing without the hassle


Anytime Access - Off-peak Workouts

With AirAllow, time and/or count-based guest invitations are easily assigned, electronically sent, and automatically controlled with a click from anywhere. 

With AirAllow flexible scheduling and automated access control, there is no need for training staff to monitor who enters when. AirAllow automates enforcing capacity limits.

With AirAllow, the phone capabilities (such as biometrics) can be used for authentication and limit membership sharing and unauthorized access.

With AirAllow, easily manage member and guest access from anywhere using the AirAllow Enclave app or any device that supports a web browser.

Discover the benefits of implementing AirAllow's gym access control system. Our system ensures the safety and security of your gym members by providing robust physical access control. With automated access control technologies and various other features, AirAllow's system is a reliable and effective solution for ensuring gym security. 

The AirAllow system is designed to prevent unauthorized access and protect your gym from potential theft and vandalism. Our system is cost-effective and easy to implement. Be sure to secure your gym - contact us today to learn more about AirAllow's gym access control system.

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Rely on the Access Control security expert and focus on the growth of your business. 

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