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Medical Offices

Simplify single and multi-location access control with a secure,
easy-to-use, and affordable commercial solution.

In today's world controlling access to medical clinics and satelite care facilities has become of increased importance. AirAllow simplifies single and multi-location access control with a secure, easy-to-use, and affordable commercial solution. Designed with medical offices in mind, features such as remote management, first-in, leave-return, and lockdown help secure facilities and streamline operations.

✓ Manage, monitor and act from anywhere on any device.

✓ Buzz-in staff or patients and automate door open times

✓ Schedule and invite visitors with a click.

✓ Capture and report on access activity stored securely in the cloud.

✓ Block access until an authorized user arrives.

Hospital Employees

Independent medical professional offices are looking for a way to secure their front and secondary exterior doors with an affordable access solution. Their access control needs are primarily a desire to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the facility, provide scheduled access to staff and contractors, open doors during a scheduled period, and not spend a lot of time managing it. Today's work-from-anywhere society demands solutions that can be managed from anywhere.


Hospital systems continue to absorb smaller doctor offices driven by volume efficiencies. Modern healthcare is driving the opening of local point-of-care clinics as well as primary and urgent care locations. The trend towards distributed specialized healthcare delivery creates a need for a multi-location point of access solution that can be managed from a centralized location.


A strong trend in security solutions is those that are easy to administer by novices, can be managed from anywhere, and use a phone for authorized access. Affordability is a consideration for facilities with an exterior front and back door.


The feature rich AirAllow access system has the capabilities to meet the needs of private and corporate medical offices perfectly. From an affordability perspective, the price per door for a commercial installation is one of the lowest in the market. Medical office operators benefit from a host of core and specialized features.

Hospital Corridor


Adding our staff and configuring the scheduling took only a few minutes and now it runs automatically. Remotely letting staff in to prepare for the day has been a savior for me.”

The ability to manage our satellite locations from anywhere not only has been a timesaver, it has improved safety by limiting travel to the office during the pandemic."

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Rely on the Access Control security expert and focus on the growth of your business. 

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