Our mobile phone based security can be remotely accessed from anywhere with zero keys to manage. We break the commercial access price barrier with our low cost solution, while providing advanced security features.

Remote Access

Manage and act from anywhere

Breaking Barriers

Low cost commercial access solution for the small to medium businesses alike


Download AirAllow app - it is fast, convenient to use and features a familiar virtual keypad


Take necessary action in an emergency situation

Prepare For Emergency Situations

Real-Time Notifications

Call the police with real time notifications.


Release specific doors to evacuate.


Lockdown specific doors to hideout.

Allow Special Access

Allow police access by keypad entry or special user.

*Maintain and Audit ALL Activity

Security Expertise Since 1990

5 Access Platforms

1 Million+ Sites Developed Globally

1 Billion+ Transactions Served

“The price point and simplicity allows me to engage new customers that thought commercial access was out of reach.”

“Love the convenience of hands-free access.”

“It is so easy to use. The system unlocks according to my unique schedule.”

“Leave – return is so convenient for a quick trip.”