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Remote Pro Bundle: (1) SGS Controller + the first Year Remote Pro Subscription

Remote Pro Bundle: (1) SGS Controller + the first Year Remote Pro Subscription


The AirAllow "Remote Pro Bundle" includes one SGS Compact Universal Controller and the first year of a Remote Pro Mobile Access Service subscription, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly access control solution.


AirAllow SGS Compact  Universal Controller

The SGS controller simplifies installation, reduces labor costs, and offers easy integration with existing hardware, ultimately lowering the overall cost of commercial access systems.


AirAllow Remote Pro

The Remote Pro Software boasts a user-centric design that guarantees ease of use for all, enabling full access to its features without requiring technical expertise.Our Remote Pro Annual Subscription gives you the ultimate hassle-free access control experience. With AirAllow, you can easily control access to your building or office from anywhere in the world. Our advanced technology allows you to set permissions, add and delete users, and even customize access levels for each user. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access control with our Remote Pro Annual Subscription.

  • Installation

    Installation and door-specific locking hardware are not included but can be quoted separately by a certified professional AirAllow security partner or the installer of your choice. Sites with existing locking hardware can be moved to AirAllow quite cost-effectively. 

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