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Experience End-to-End AI-Powered Security

Air Allow provides an AI-powered suite of copilots, automation agents, & chatbots that reduce installation time and complexity, improve user onboarding, enhance security posture, improve incident response, and ensure compliance.

Raise Skill Level & Productivity - Speed Installation & Setup
Proactive Threat Detection - Rapid Incident Response - Enhance Compliance

Each AI copilot & automation agent specializes in a different aspect of security


Andy, your Administrative AI

Andy brings automation and intelligence to access control. It simplifies user setup, proactively suggests updates, and adjusts permissions in real-time based on user behavior.

Streamlined User Setup
Reduce Human Error
Better User Experience


Ian - your AI installer expert

Ian tackles the technical complexities of access control setup – analyzing your requirements, suggesting the perfect hardware and software, and even optimizing system integrations. Say goodbye to installation headaches and hello to faster deployment!

Reduced implementation effort
Optimize hardware choices
Boost skill level
Reduce human error

Ed - your Advisory AI

 Inspired by the wisdom of great counselors throughout history. Ed empowers strategic security decisions with AI-powered insights. Get tailored policy recommendations, predictive risk assessments, and streamlined compliance reporting. This data-driven approach ensures your security posture stays optimized and ahead of emerging threats.

Strengthen Security Posture
Enhance Compliance Automatically 
Raise Reporting Quality


Glen - your Guard AI

Glen, your AI-powered Guard Assistant, enhances security vigilance with real-time threat detection, anomaly spotting, and smart notifications. AI analyzes behavior, spots suspicious activity, and reduces false alarms – giving your security team the insights they need to respond quickly and decisively.

24/7 Threat Detection
Reduced False Alarms
Boost skill level
Faster Incident Resolution


Fran, your Forensic AI

Fran, your AI Forensic Agent, accelerates investigations and uncovers critical insights. It analyzes video footage, identifies patterns, and visualizes trends – empowering your team to pinpoint security incidents rapidly and proactively address potential risks.

Accelerate Investigations
Predict and Prevent Future Risks
Uncover Hidden Patterns
Data-Driven Decision Making

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