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Easy to install

AI-Driven Lead Generation

Recurring Revenues


A perfect fit for the commercial SMB customer.

What Partners Are Saying


Your customer care team is always friendly and helpful.

TFL Locksmith Technician

AirAllow, the Toyota of access control. 

TFL Owner

The AirAllow Advantage

Smart - You're in control, and affordability means more customers and margin. 

Simple - the intuitive, minimalist approach makes it easy-to-use and even easier-to-install, reducing install and support time.

Powerful - networked, no network, BLE, WIFI, CELL, standalone, and app-less environments.

Flexible, use virtual and physical credentials.

Future Proof - works with common commercial hardware, limitless possibilities.

Partner Benefits

Recurring revenue
you control
Enjoy monthly recurring revenue where you control the pricing, margin, and billing style.
Smart. Simple. Powerful.
AirAllow is easy to use yet powerful, delivering best-in-class features that are fast, flexible, scalable, & reliable. 
opens doors
Our innovative technology stack reduces the complexity associated with the material count, installation time, and maintenance costs. This results in winning more jobs and improving margins.
Remote Diagnostics .png
Remote diagnostics
built for humans
Our remote diagnostics go beyond monitoring. Using AI, the system helps identify trouble spots and sends status notifications. Subsequently reducing service calls and wasted drive time. It also
improves customer experience.
Easy to install
and use
Our point of access SGS Door Controller requires no network or reader, is self-contained, and is so small it fits almost anywhere. This saves installation time and site disturbance. The same controller supports unlimited scalability, commodity readers, cards, standalone, and WIFI networked modes.
Enjoy Superior
Customer Care
The AirAllow customer care team is there for you, from installation through maintenance. The intuitive software reduces support requests so much that we make available factory-direct customer support. This frees up your team, saving labor time and increasing job capacity. 
Commercial Access
for the SMB customer
Grow your business by hitting the sweet spot of the small and medium-sized market.
With AirAllow, your customers will be delighted with the smoothest mobile app and
app-less access experience. 
Smart. Simple. Powerful.
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